Our Melli fig, which grows naturally in the mountainous area of Bucak / Melli region, has fertile soil suitable for agriculture, surrounded by Mediterranean forest land, and its taste comes from these fertile soil, careful picking and conservation methods.

Our main mission is to preserve unique products and their culture by ensuring rural development in the Melli Region, which is home to an endemic fig species.

In addition, we aimed to ensure sustainable use of natural resources and to ensure that consumers have easy access to natural food by protecting the environment, plant, animal and human health.

We offer you the unique Melli Fig, processed with the support of our local women, without using any chemicals, additives or preservatives, and based on traditional storage methods.

Our fig's thin outer peel, small seed structure that does not disturb the tooth, bright red inner texture and intense mountain-scented aroma create the desire to eat it repeatedly. Its taste and naturalness will immediately attract you at your first tasting.